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​We are a locally owned and operated fully insured business. When you call our air duct cleaning service the person who does your inspection and gives you your quote is the person cleaning your ducts. We use the industry’s most powerful portable vacuum unit in combination with several different high pressure air powered cleaning tools and brushes to make sure your ductwork is as clean as possible. All dust and debris from the ductwork is vacuumed completely out of the house to the filter unit ensuring that it doesn't re-enter your home or ductwork. 

Most homes have never had their ducts cleaned and over the years, dust, dirt, lint and pollen can build up to the point where they are reintroduced to the household air when the furnace or air conditioning turns on. If you are noticing high dust levels in your home or are experiencing allergy aggravation when the furnace fan turns on, having your ducts cleaned may help. Your ductwork may also have construction dust and debris, pet hair, insects, nests, or rodents present that our equipment will remove as well. Give us a call if your registers are dirty or if you notice excess dust in the air when the furnace or air conditioning turns on. Our no obligation inspections and estimates for air duct cleaning in central Wisconsin​ are all inclusive so you know what you are getting up front. You can always feel free to call with any questions or concerns you might have prior to or after the cleaning process because the success of my business is measured by your satisfaction in the job I have done for you.

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