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​Q: How long does the service for air duct cleaning near Mosinee take?
A: 3 to 8 hours depending on the number of ducts to clean and the ease of access to the ducts. An average 3 bedroom ranch would be about 5 hours.

Q: Is there a mess to clean up after your duct and dryer vent cleaning service is done?
A: No! A company with cleaning in its name should not be leaving messes. All registers are vacuumed as well as the floor around them, in bad weather shoes are changed whenever we go in or out of the house and all garbage is picked up at the end of each job.

Q: Do you have any guarantee on your duct cleaning near Wausau?
A: Yes. Satisfaction or your money back.

Q: Why do I need to have this done?
A: Over time dust builds up in your ducts. If you didn’t dust your house for three years you can imagine what it would look like. Your ducts are just as dirty and when the furnace fan turns on dust is stirred up and transferred back into the house. Having the ducts cleaned can alleviate this problem.

Q: How often should I have this done?
A: Every house is different depending on the environment (located in a dusty area?), number of occupants, pets, burning wood in the house, etc. Some people have their ducts cleaned again when they notice an increase in dusting frequency, some people actually take a register off and look inside the ducts, some people will have it done again if the start sneezing when the furnace turns on. I have a dog, five people in the house, and burn wood and I clean my own every three years.
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