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​If you feel that your home or business is unusually dusty or if your allergies are acting up every time the furnace kicks on, the problem may be excessively dirty duct work. We will use high pressure air powered cleaning tools combined with a powerful external vacuum to remove all allergens, dust and debris from your ductwork. All registers will be cleaned and reassembled as they were upon arrival. You may rest assured that your home is in the care of experienced and caring hands. 

Air Duct Cleaning
Our residential duct cleaning service is a package including cleaning the supply ducts and mains, the return air ducts and mains and the dryer venting. Our commercial duct cleaning service can vary greatly depending on the nature of the problem and scope of the project. Please call for more information about duct cleaning near Wausau, so that we can discuss your needs. 

Dyer Vent Cleaning Service
​Dryer vent cleaning is available for every application from single homes to large apartment or condominium complexes as well as laundromats.

Call today for more information about our dryer vent cleaning service and air duct cleaning near Mosinee.
Air Duct Cleaning
Dryer Vent Cleaning

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